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Photographs From Around The World


Photo Galleries of Our Travels Abroad

The images are organized by trip taken. Within each trip they are organized by day and then by key features, such as countries, cities, monuments, attractions, events, topics, highlights, etc. I try to list things chronologically, although that doesn’t work all the time. I try to put not too many images in a single topic, but sometimes it does get out of hand.

The following are the trips that we have taken for which I have reduced the photographs for use on the web. Follow the links to the detailed galleries.

  1. Europe River Cruise - June 2011
  2. Egypt - March 2010
  3. Germany(Munich) - March 2010

The following are also of some of the trips that we have taken, but I have not yet processed all of the photo graphs for publishing on the web. They are teasers, just a select few to give you an idea. As time goes on I'll process more and when finished I'll move them in the list above.

  1. Portugal - March/April 2006
  2. The Mediterranean Cruise - July 2005
  3. Scotland - Various Visits
  4. St. Petersburg-Moscow Cruise- June 2007
  5. Germany(Dresden) - June 2007