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This page is about photo sets of various happenings and topics.

Icicles on Houses (winter 2009-2010)

These are a set of photographs I took while driving one day on a road along Deep Creek Lake in Garrett County, MD. These are all icicles hanging from roofs and gutters of people's houses. Some were over two feet(60 cm) in diameter. They look pretty, but caused, in some cases, a lot of damage.

Ms. Rose (spring 2010)

About two weeks ago (today is 21 April 2010) a mallard duck decided to set up house in our herbs planter box rights outside our dining room window on the deck fronting the lake. We watched her lay an egg, then leave it to coming back the following day and at which time she lay another egg. We thought she was a ’duck in training’ because she left her eggs uncovered after sitting on them for only a short time every day.

She kept coming back laying an egg every day until, we believe, she laid seven eggs. Then she began to set on them, the whole day, leaving only for about hour in the evening. Apparently this is common behavior according to this article. More about Mallards here.

The duck has been named ’Ms. Rose’ and is now world famous (well.. several people in Europe know about her). Every once in a while I take a photo and some of them are assembled in the following photo gallery:

28 April 2010 - As of today all the eggs are gone! Yesterday, early in the morning, about 6:30am, I saw Ms Rose on the nest fidgeting. A couple of hours later when I checked again, she was gone and there were only three eggs left. When I went to bed, last night, they were still there. This morning when I got up they were gone. I guess some creature must have gotten to them. I haven't seen or heard any activity though. Oh well... that's life!

I added a couple of photos so you can see what went on, and I guess that that's the end of this adventure.

A Coyote at Ridgeview Valley (20 October 2010)

These are some of the photographs I took during a 45 minute period when a coyote was feasting on the vermin that was stirred up by the hay mower. At one point we got to within about 30 yards of it, sitting in a car while taking pictures.

Rick Frazee (October 2010)

These are some pictures taken of Rick Frazee in lieu of the standard high school graduating pictures. These were taken at Ridgeview Valley. His mother and grandmother are in some of the photos.

The Eagle (November 2010)

These are some of the pictures, taken with the telephoto lens as extended as possible, of a bald eagle trying to make lunch from one of the many American coots resting on the lake after a long day flying. He was not very successful. He tried for about an hour, resting along the way in a tree on the shore for about ten minutes.

At one point he dove in the flock, but apparently missed because a few moments later I saw him sitting on the water, with the coots frantically swimming away from him.

The Eagle (November 2013)

These are pictures, taken from the living room, of a bald eagle trying to make lunch from one of the many American coots resting on the lake after a long day flying. As opposed to the one in 2010, this time he was successful.

This is the fourth time in the last two weeks (Nov 27, 2013) that he’s come around looking for an American coot. Typically, when he shows up, the coots gather in a tight nervous bunch. The eagle dives over them and most of the coots disappear underwater. He’s trying to isolate a coot that becomes distracted and becomes easy pickings. He can maintain this diving for about 15 minutes and then goes sit in a pine tree where he still has a vantage point, out of sight of the camera. He then comes back and does it again for about 15 minutes. Sometimes he doesn’t catch one.

This time he probably swooped over the coots about 5 times before he caught a straggler. He can be seen clearly in the eagle’s talons in the last image, almost as if proud.

The coots are here every year, hundreds of them, and they sometimes stay for a long time. We had about 30 of them two years ago that stayed in a tiny open lake water area in front of our house (ground water kept it from freezing) while the rest of the lake was frozen. They ‹camped› in the snow for about a week and then disappeared.

This morning (11/26/2013) the eagle showed up again attacking a group of about 40 coots. He isolated one and tried to get it, but the coot dove under water every time the eagle dove for him. He failed this time. The eagle did his usual thing, resting in a pine tree after fifteen minutes of trying to catch the coot; typical behavior. During this time the lone coot was able to catch up with the bunch.


This is a story with pictures about a duck laying eggs in a herb planter box on our lakeside deck right under our dining room window and her subsequent experiences. We think it’s the same duck that I reported on and photographed last year (see: ), when we named her “Ms. Rose”. She's been renamed by friends as “Gertrude”. Go here to read her story.

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