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About This Website

This website is dedicated to sharing photos that I have taken while traveling throughout the world and in the local area where I live.


Since 2001 my wife, Rosie, and I have traveled to multiple countries in the world. The trips were always organized by Jan Oglesby of Gullivers’s Travel of Memphis, TN.

We travel in groups as small as 4 and as large as 35.

We’ve travelled on all seven continents. The last continent, Antarctica, was visited in January of 2009.

This website is my attempt to organize and share my photos with relatives and friends. Our most recent trip (November 2011) was to Churchill, Canada, to watch the migration of the polar bears towards the ice of the Hudson Bay. Earlier this year, June 2011, we were on a river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest. Before that we visited Egypt (March 2010), followed by a stay in Germany (March 2010) to attend the ISIA conference. Over time (I don’t know how long) I hope to add photos of other previous trips.

The local area photos are of things going on at home, in Garrett County, MD. They are under the category ‘Local Things’. Things are far from boring here. We'v seen a bear, coyote, and eagles at various times. I got some great shots of an eagle grabbing an American coot out of the water.

Check back regularly, because the plan is to add photos as I get them reorganized. If interested in any particular photo, please email me. The last update of this site was on 1 July 2011

Enjoy the images!

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